starting with THE basic

I've decided to start off with some unnecessary info. So this is the picture that I will be using to create Will's very first scrapbook page. That may come as a surprise to some/most, that (a) I haven't completed or even started a real scrapbook for Will, and (b) that I have the desire to start one! I've explained this to a few already, but I've decided to become a scrapper. Heck, I decided to blog, so I might as well cross-over wholly to the dark-side, right? But I'm only going to have completely decked out title pages, with journaling on the back, and then the rest of the corresponding photos will be placed in normal photo album sheets. So it will be organized much like a baseball cards collection, with each team having a fancy page introducing them with all their pics to follow. Make sense? I'm holding on to some of my resistance (don't want to detract too much from my precious photographs)!

My mother and I made a few trips to the local scrapbook store for some inspiration for my blocks (which are absolutely fabulous, in the eyes of me) and upon our said visit I discovered, and re-discovered, the fantastic paper of nowadays! Let's hear it for Magnolia, Wild Asparagus and above all, Basic Grey! It is because of the latter that I have converted over to scrapping (which I fondly call crapping, which is the result of a late night with my mom and me trying to say crafting and scrapping, all to have the two words scrambled together and come out as the aforementioned word: crapping. It's not so offensive now, eh?).

You see, Basic Grey has some lovely Christmas ornament kits and I instantly fell in love, nay, infatuated, with the colors and designs. And lo and behold, we found the rest of the line and therefore lost the rest of our inhibitions! Consequently, I have some new ideas of how my halls will be decked and I'm already planning some crafts (excuse me, craps) for next year when the beloved holiday of Christmas returns! I'll be sure to explain this in even more detail when I post pics of my projects from this year of '06. So beware, this is only just the beginning!



  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I made a comment on this post! Was it inappropriate and you deleted it or what? I even verified the word correctly! What happened?

  2. In answer to your questions, no and no! I have no idea what happened.

    The way the comment moderation works is simply this: it's emailed to me and all I have to do is click "publish."

    But I haven't received any notice of a comment other than this one. I guess you can just try again... And if I keep having trouble with this protection feature, I'll remove it, m'k?

    ps- ixkns :P

  3. Anonymous7:30 PM

    uxidm...."you taxed em"

    I promise this is my last one. This is too fun.


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