the tricks are done, but the treats are just beginning!

Happy November 1!!! Yes, I'm aware that it is no longer Halloween... but it is still Fall, thankfully! And I still have tons of pictures to share. So here we are, gazing at belated pictures. Here's the first set of comparative photos. Will's festive outfits with binkies to match! The main difference besides the size of his clothes is his mobility! It was so easy to take pictures of him when he was a cute lump (age 2 months). And then we have the mobile Will, who walks toward you to get the camera, all the while whining because you won't let him have it (at 14 months)!

In so many ways it gets easier to be a mom... but let's not forget how easy it use to be, too! As for the pacifier, we'll be getting rid of that this month. I'll consider it a birthday present. That and sleeping through the night every night... sweet bliss, thy name is sleep. And sweet baby, thy name is William!


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    precious....It is amazing how much they change in such a short period. But he's cute as ever in all the pics!


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