oh happy day

Last Monday I had the joy and privilige of going shopping with dear Mrs. Doman. Abs use to be a roommate of mine at BYU-I and us Summers are fortunate enough to have her and her husband nearby. She was such a dear and took me shopping at 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica, my favorite place to window shop. Except it was better than window shopping because my glorious mother gave me some birthday money! Oh happy day! I got a sweater and a butter dish. And as I told Abbie and my mama, "It's amazing how practical poverty makes you." Don't worry, I did end up getting a new bag/purse for church later... but it sure was fun to stroll around all the wonderful shops. My favorite: Anthropologie. Someone must have hooked me up to a dream-stealin'-machine, because it's exactly my idea of a store. Consequently, I've decided that a new hobby of mine will be clothing designing (the selfish kind a.k.a. pour moi). We followed up the delectable evening at Mimi's Cafe. Those Domans sure are great! Thanks guys!

The next day was my Bday. I did whatever I wanted and didn't feel bad about it. Given I usually spend my days doing whatever I want, this time I was actually allowed and suppose to do nothing! Marvelous. And then Brad took off the day early to spend it with me, where we went shopping some more (for said church bag/purse - only $5!) and dinner at Johnny's. Mmmm. It was certainly a happy day. Thanks to all who made it so, by emails/cards/calls/updated blogs. That last one wasn't necessarily done on purpose, but it was a fun "present" nonetheless!

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