not so picture-perfect

I realized that I've been feeding you all lies... my child is not perfect, and he's not even cute all the time. He sure does throw some good tantrums, which are funny. So I thought I would share my little fire-cracker's performance. I was trying to get some traditionally cute pictures for that contest I was telling you about, and because what mother doesn't like to have charming photos of her child on hand! Well, my little William started throwing a fit; he wanted the camera and he wanted it bad.

He is in love with everything technology, unless it's geared for babies. Then he won't have anything to do with it. Those big baby buttons on those colorful and noisy baby toys... he has no clue as to what they are. But you give him the phone, remote, calculator, keyboard, cell-phone, etc... he sure knows what those are. And we can now add the digital camera to that list.

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Here he is throwing himself onto the couch in frustration. I'm such a mean mommy. And then there's a picture of him throwing his back into an angry arch, and contorting his face to let you know he means business! I'm telling you, he is not to be trifled with!

Gone are the days when he only fussed and grunted over troubling diapers and gas bubbles (not saying we don't have those moments as well). Farewell to my sweet, quiet, angel of a boy. Hello to the hellion. Welcome my little wolf in sheep's clothing. I know most of you are thinking, you get what you deserve Beth. It's true. And in all reality, I have fun with his 'tude. Perhaps we really are bad parents, because we just laugh and egg him on. But then again, maybe we are good parents, because we still like him, and think he's lovable, despite his outbursts. We accept and embrace all that he is. Afterall, he is our baby boy... for now...


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    If this precious boy DIDN'T have an attitude, I'd wonder if he was adopted.

  2. I hadn't been on for a while so it was great to read about the goings on in the Summer's Camp. Will is adorable. Mom amd Dad don't look too bad themselves.

  3. Yes, dear, it is the mother's curse . . one day you get to raise yourself!! Except you were never bad, just lots of attitude! And always cute! Will is beautiful ALWAYS too!


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