what a rotten holiday

Check out our nasty pumpkin! If you would like to reminisce about it while in its prime, check out below. It was perhaps the most beautiful jack-o'-lantern I have ever designed/created. And its rotting set a whole slew of mishaps into motion... I went to scope out my candy stash, and noticed a puddle around the bowl. To my dismay, it was coming from said pumpkin. The worst thing about all of this: it was on the table! Even worse: my land lady's table. I'm still unsure as to how we're going to fix said dilemma. Well, the rest of the day went according to someone else's plans, for they certainly were not mine!

Will spilled water all over the steadily increasing stained carpet. Our DVD player went schizo again, and I couldn't watch my beloved Nightmare Before Christmas in all of its digital glory. Luckily, as fate would have it, I had a VHS backup. Disaster was averted, for the time being. Then my land-lady informed me that she wasn't comfortable with me passing out candy. Bummer. Just the idea of not passing out candy on All Hallows' Eve set me into a dejected mood... Anyway, Brad did get to come home early, so we could all go out and finish some grocery shopping. But, because I had lost my grocery list, which had taken hours to plan the day before, we forgot some important ingredients while on our way home from Ralph's in Malibu, and had to pass by our home and go to Albertson's in Calabasas, because you can't turn around on a windy curvy one-way road up the canyon... later that night Will was diaper-less for a wee bit and peed on the rug and himself.

We didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM, because we had such a late dinner/desert/movie. But by gosh, I was going to have a carved pumpkin on Halloween, no matter how small; I was going to have my planned Moroccan meal (specially picked because of the pumpkin ingredients); I was going to have my planned pumpkin crisp dessert; and I was going to watch my planned movie! All in all, after all is ranted and done, it was a holiday to remember. And I have the best husband in the whole world!!!

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  1. A big thank you to Brad for being such a good sport and helping you "celebrate" your beloved holiday!


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