turkey and such

Sheesh, how long has it been already?! Well, in my defense, not only has school been crazy (as far as supporting my husband goes) but we also had a holiday to celebrate and family to visit! We spent our Thanksgiving down in Oceanside, CA with my grandparents. I haven't been there since before I was married! My family also came from AZ and some cousins from up North (CA) came down, too. It was great to see everyone and it was a nice little breather from school. Brad was pretty good and studied during his break (you better believe it)! And now we're in the long haul and lull of finals! Hip hip hooray.

I don't have any pics to share right now, because my mom has them all on her camera. Yes, I did take mine, but did I use it? Nah. But here's a little rundown of what's going on in our lives: decorating, movies and Chrismas music! We don't really have a lot of room for a tree in our place, and what with Will running around... he's a festive menace! So we made due with a garland on top of our entertainment system- thanks mom! On a side note, one of these days I'll get around to posting some pics of the inside of our house...

And we have seen lots of movies lately, too. Mostly rental, but here's the list: Mission Impossible III, Sky High, Nacho Libre, Casino Royale, The DaVinci Code and Akeelah and the Bee. And y'all be surprised with which one I'm about to propose y'all go out and get yourself a copy of! The latter movie of those listed is EXCELLENT. We had no desire to see it, until our friends brought it over for us to borrow. It is really good, the acting, story, etc. It made us cry (we're a little high-strung here, give us a break) and I highly recommend it. Seriously, get up out of your seat and go rent it. Now!

I don't see anyone jumping up and grabbing their Blockbuster cards... oh well, your loss.

And the other thing we've been up to is listening to lots of Christmas music. We love the classic carols and I've made a few good "modern" compilations as well. But my recommendation (yet another one): Sarah McLachlan, Wintersong. I cannot get enough of that cd! Wonderful I tell ya! Go sample it on itunes or Amazon or something. Also good, Harry Connick Jr. Not like you should be surprised with that one...

Hope you are all enjoying the emerging season! Whether it's crazy snow storms (shout out to WA) or the regular frost bite/chill factor (shout out to ID and UT), or sunny skys (shout out to AZ and CA), there's something in the air. So let's all yawn and get some of that glorious oxygen to our medullas and take it all in! And let's go shopping!

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  1. I love to read your STUFF! One of these days we will rent Akeelah and the Bee. I'll try to get those pictures to you ASAP, which may be a while with the car situation, you know what I'm talking about . . . Glad you're enjoying the garland, lights and music!


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