apparitions of grandeur

Amongst all that ranting, I forgot to say that yes, we did take Will trick-or-treating. Just kidding! You thought the tricking was over, well you forget that I'm a fink! I just wanted to have it as a separate post. We did take our spectral son out, before and after our trip to the store. It's like I'm trying to hit a record for posting the most in one day, or something. It's fun isn't it?! You all have to suffer as I entertain and preoccupy myself! Are you all having as much fun reading these as I am writing them? I know of at least one: hi mom!

Anyway, back to business. We took Will to a total of 7 houses, not including our land-lady's. And not all of those homes answered. Nonetheless, Brad and I were able to get closer looks at the homes we've been gawking at from a distance. That's right, we selectively chose which homes to visit. Will's favorite part was grabbing the candy and making it crinkle. He also had a fun time walking in the dark. It was new, and all the decorations and kids was a lot for a kid to take in. But boy, was he cute! Thanks to Nana B. for the darling costume!

Here's some more comparative pics: last year's costume (skeleton, without fixing the redeye problem, for a more evil baby look) vs. this year's costume (ghost, sweet, tired and loves the spotlight). Though the disguises change, the boy inside remains just as cute (if not cuter, and then he would also be subject to changing...)! I'm ready to start planning next year's festivities! And more appropriately, it's now on to obsess about the upcoming holidays: Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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ps. i forgot to mention that at the ward party there was this kid running around with a scary mask. it frightened even us parents! well, all the kids were screaming, like the kind you hear in horror films! and when he walked by Will (about three times), the poor thing jumped three feet in the air and screamed, like a girl, and then proceeded to cry! finally, a fellow parent asked the terror of a kid to take the mask off and the rest of the evening went swell. but man, i've never seen Will like that. where do they learn the scare response? how do they learn what's scary? i must have missed that doodlebops episode...


  1. Every picture of Will is beautiful, even if he is supposed to be a ghouly ghost! I can't believe someone hasn't spotted him and exclaimed "The next child icon!" He is an apparition of grandeur!

  2. How cute can this kid get?


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