craftable cubes anyone?

My creative plans for this Christmas (for Will) are as follows: ABC blocks, soft book, maybe some magnets... I've decided to go ahead and make my own alphabet blocks to keep me preoccupied while Brad's obsessing over finals next month. Here's the thing; I want 2 in. blocks, which of course are expensive at any craft store. So I'm thinking of purchasing them online here. My dilemma is getting 3 bags for $24 (30 blocks) vs. 1 big bag for $31 (50 blocks), which brings me to question, "Does anyone want some blocks for crafting?" I know there are tons of you craft queens out there, so I thought I would pose this offer of going in on some blocks. If not, then I'll either get the 30 blocks and be done with it or get 50 and have an endless supply of wooden squares... Let me know!

As for my other clever creations, I'll make sure to keep you posted with their developments, downfalls, and successes! Wish me luck!

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