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Ok, this should be my last post for the time being... But I had to tell you about our dinner last Thursday. Yes, last week was a marathon of going out to eat, a nice treat for sure. But the finale has quite the story, which I will be unable to describe in all its awkward glory; you just had to be there.

About a month ago, on one of our Costco runs, we met an older fellow at the foodcourt. We were sitting quietly, minding our own business and enjoying our cheap dinner, when this man in a electric scooter comes over to gawk at Will. But it doesn't stop at the gawking. Brad had to open his mouth and comment on the Naval hat adorning this guys head. Soon we were digesting not only our pizza and hot-dogs, but stories about Hellcats, etc. To make a long story short, he invited us to a naval association dinner, his treat. Brad and I weren't about to pass up a free meal, so we gave him our information and left. Not 12 hours had passed since our meeting and parting with this man before he gave us a call. He got our dinner preferances of filet mignon and poached salmon and gave us a place, date and time for the future dinner. This dinner was last Thursday.

We had gotten a babysitter (shout to the Kains!) and headed off to meet this man, all dressed up (me wearing my new sweater, no less. I must have worn that thing at least three times that week!). On our way, my husband made a comment saying, "Worst case scenario: we arrive and the guy has Alzheimer's and forgot to call our names in." Sure enough, something was up, because the people in charge were baffled and upset at our arrival. Apparently this has happened before. Just as we were about to tell them not to worry and head out (hungry mind you), our gentleman showed up. I guess he had lost his black book and all his important information that day. But he had never called the naval association to let them know that he and some guests would be coming.

They made some room for us and we sat down for dinner. Our "host" forgot our names, so we had to introduce ourselves in front of the whole room as his guests. And he brought along a lady friend he met about three weeks prior and had been engaged to just the week before! I'm so glad she was there! She was kind and witty, albeit naive, and she made the evening bearable. We ended up having some delicious turkey (not our planned delectable meals) and left stuffed and somewhat amused.

The next day Brad looked up our elderly friend. He was never an Ace (5 kills), although he insists he made 42 kills and was awarded THE Medal of Honor from the president, only to refuse it in the name of Zionism... and we highly doubt, as his fiance guesses, that he was ever a stunt pilot, or a teacher/professor upon retirement, as he further insists. Who knows the real story behind our mystery naval man. What's more, you can be a member of the naval association just because you appreciate the navy; you don't have to be a war hero.

So let there be a lesson. Be careful of senile folk (unless there's free food involved) and do all that you can to keep yourself from becoming one. The End.

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    Hilarious! Hey, I'm always up for free food!


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