so much for surfing... looks like it'll be mountaineering

This precious picture may be a far cry from Will scaling a tree, but at least it shows him ascending some stairs... kinda. But it was so cute, and it was all I had, so it was a must for sharing. Anyway, the time has come: Will has discovered what it's like to climb. It started out small; crawling all over his parents soon led to clambering nearby pets, and then nearby steps. Like most babies, he honed in on climbing any and every set of stairs, until he tumbled down them enough to learn not to. But in the meantime, he's learned how to use his chair, the box of wipes, basket of toys, and his mom's legs to get onto the couch or coffee table. Once he reaches his destination, he's the king of the furniture, and proceeds to do a victory dance. And most parents know that a baby movin' and groovin' (which consists of surprisingly rhythmic bopping) is one of the best displays of talent to the human eye! So make sure to stay tuned, I'm bound to have countless photos of our monkey conquering uncharted armoires and the likes... along with photos of any accompanying battle wounds!

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  1. There is just no stopping that boy!


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