pictures galore!

Willie the ghost, at our ward party, last Saturday. That's right, we had two Halloween parties, back to back! Awesome. Our little BOO man was quite the hit, as this costume seems to accentuate his cheeks, which is everyone's favorite characteristic! When we first put the costume on him that night, he speed-walked around the house, bumping into things because he was busy watching himself flutter! And he was pretty good about keeping the little hood-head on. Don't you think he's just darling?! Casper doesn't come close to this ghostly charmer!

Brad and I decided (ok, well I decided and he went along, once again) that we would have different costumes from the night before. So we nixed our costumes of French-medieval outcasts and decided to go as modern-American outcasts. I was one hot mama punk-rocker, huh? I'm a little torn on deciding which outfit of mine I liked best. I'm leaning toward this one... cast your votes now!

And forget the effects of having a bad eye and hump, what about the stares encouraged by beautiful, long, curly locks (head and chest)! This isn't the best picture of Brad, but it is the best picture of his costume. Check out those forearms! I've always been a sucker for forearms... We came up with this look a couple nights previous, and I was rolling on the floor in tears! Classic!

Here we have Will playing hula-hoop! This was his favorite activity of all that the night and holiday had to offer! He wasn't able to grab the concept that that big plastic circle goes around the waist... but he loved holding them and flipping them around! The girls there were hulaing three hoops at a time! It was crazy! But I'd still rather watch Will's attempts at the sport than the avid ones!

And here's Will coming out of the inflated bouncy-thingy. This picture is worth many comments. One, look how tired he is. Two, Brad is so cute! And three, his costume was a little snug. Hence, the two middle buttons popping open! Just take a moment and look at my boys there. I'm such a lucky lady!

And just one last picture. There were lots of contests going on, like pie eating! Brad won the first one... mostly because he's smart. He noticed that one side of the "pie" had more whip cream than the other, and took one big bite and found the worm. It took like a second, seriously! I barely got a picture... and sadly, we had to remove the wig *gasp* We didn't want to ruin it. Besides, dealing with whipped cream in your beard is enough of a hassle, apparently.

ps. this post took forever!!! blogger was giving me such a hard time. y'all better appreciate my efforts to get all these pictures on here! i'm gonna take a break now and stop neglecting my son and take over the disney channel's position of entertaining. but i'll be back so stay tuned...

pps. it's now 11:50!!!


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I'm sorry...did you say that YOU were rolling on the floor in tears? What about ME?! Dude, I'm totally CRACKING UP over here!! Will is absolutely adorable in that ghost costume, and as for you and Brad...Well, that's you and Brad. JK...Love the punk rocker costumes, especially the hair (Head and chest) and those rockin forearms.

  2. You are always beautiful, but especially with all that make-up!!!! Haven't I always said, Just put some lipstick on!?!?!?


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