willy-nilly, it's time for tilly

I thought I might add just one more post and just one more recommendation: Tilly and the Wall. It has absolutely nothing to do with holidays or anything really. But I've been meaning to mention them. We discovered them on NPR, which surprisingly has great taste in music: hello, Radiohead? On National Public Radio?! Anyway, this is a band worth noting, not necessarily because it fits your style of music (unless you're me), but because of their ingenuity.

"Tilly and the Wall sprang out of Omaha, NE a Midwestern band of like-minded friends with pockets full of melodies; and a lot of pockets. The serendipitous result of five Omaha residents with a penchant for the same classic 60s pop, boy/girl harmonies and Americana folk records, Tilly and the Wall celebrates the petulant, determined, feisty nature of youth. They rejoice in tales of dreams followed, mistakes made, and hearts broken."

That's a direct quote from their bio on their website. I must warn you though, it's a flash macro site and takes FOREVER to bring up. But it is worth the wait, if I may say so myself. I suggest (yet another one, gosh dang it) that you sample their Bottoms of Barrels cd on itunes/Amazon. My favorite is Bad Education. It's amazing; enough said.

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