developmental milestones

A lot has happened this past week, in the life of Will. He now prefers to be dressed like a big boy; standing or sitting in your lap as opposed to laying on the floor like a big baby. And as you can see in the pictures, he's discovered how to pull his pants off... he has a thing for flinging clothes around, which makes laundry time extremely difficult. Anyway, also learned this week: holding "real-life" phone conversations, crawling down the stairs, and picking his nose (while blowing snot bubbles at the same time).

The rest of us have been busy with school. Brad's studying like a maniac, and I'm helping him get his scholarship applications, summer externship applications, and outlines to memorize before finals (in 3 weeks!!!) all in order. This week is sure to be busy, what with my Bday and a random 5-star dinner invite (long story, I'll explain later) and more school... And for all you folks out there, school is pretty much our life! It's a common thread in most posts (along with Will). The both of them is what keeps us busy and they are what our schedules revolve around! Y'all come second! Just kidding... well kind of. Thanks for your support, we couldn't get through these next couple of years without you! We love you all!


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don't know exactly which day it is this week, so hopefully I'm covering all my bases by saying so on Monday. The world is a better place for having Beth Summers in it! Hooray for Beth! Love ya!

  2. I just hope he stays sweet as he passes all these milestones--we can pass on the ones involving his nose. And your birthday rates right up there as one of the biggest reasons to celebrate every year!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being in my life!


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