ode to older

0. supportive and loving family
1. kind and thoughtful friends
2. sunset spectacular (Mesa)
3. inviting paths into the forest
4. calming beach strolls
5. my baby
6. best husband in the world!
7. The strength and guidance of the gospel
8. a working and otherwise healthy body (it could always be worse!)
9. never-ending education
10. fun-filled, festive-frenzie holidays
11. crisp Fall air
12. golf sounds (i.e., perfect swing = ping)
13. the written word
14. anything and everything water
15. childish belief in fantasy
16. music (those “sad” notes... and happy ones!)
17. dreamless sleep
18. night/bed-time showers
19. moon showers
20. star gazing (clear mountain skies)
21. Smell of campfire
22. nothing but Christmas tree lights
23. lots and lots of pillows, everywhere!

PS - Nothing is in order, necessarily. And the list is proper; including all my years of existence, from 0-23. That time in the womb counts as something! Just ask my mother.

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  1. You are an inspiration to me. Will is growing so fast. He is a lucky little boy to have such a wise and sensitive mother.


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