what it's like to be me, as someone else

Last Friday Brad and I went to our first adults-only- no-kids-allowed Halloween party! We decided (well, I decided and Brad was willing) to go as Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Thanks to the Summers family's dress up clothes, we were stylin'! Some may think that those gorgeous locks I'm sporting are au naturel, but au contraire mes amis! I wish I had such luscious locks; they look a lot like my cousin Kate's hair. *sigh* Now I understand why it's so fun to have such big hair! So sexy!

Here's a close up of my handsome husband's face. Check out the wounded eye area! I'm quite the artist, eh? Sadly, the party was exhibiting dim lighting, and no one was able to admire my work of art... Brad was such a good sport, that he even let me put girly makeup on him! No respectable Halloween makeup here, just pure CoverGirl! I used eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour powder, blush, and foundation. I myself was amazed, and Brad wore it quite well. Not nearly ugly enough to play the infamous hunchback, but I'm not complaining!

And here are some group shots of our friends from the ward (all law students + spouses). Since the pics are kind of fuzzy and small, I'll point the matching couples out. You've got Garth from Wayne's World, paired with his dream-girl, rocker-chick; then we have Hans paired with Gretal; then there's the benevolent pirate couple (they gave us a larger toaster oven for our "kitchen"); and let's not forget Zoro and his beautiful dame; and last but certainly not least, we were all pleased with the presence of Mugatu and Katinka Ingabogovinanana.


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    In other news, not that I understand how I could possibly have anything else to say after such a post, but thanks for the cutest card you sent my way. LOVE IT. You're a dear!

  2. How about a close-up of you????? And something with Will in it???

  3. What a trip! I really think that you are on to something with that hair. Ravishing!


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