weimaraner woes

For the last two weeks our land lady has gone missing! She's somewhere in Europe. We haven't filed a report, because we're pretty sure she's coming back. Joking aside, she's gone on another one of her trips. And when she goes on vacation, boy does she go! For weeks at a time... Consequently, we've been hanging out with her dog. Our first experience, about a month or so ago, was not so good. But this second time around, I've discovered the magic and noninvasive power of a water spray-bottle! Works like a charm.

So we were actually able to get her to sleep in her own house during the night, without her throwing a whine fest outside our building (and disturbing skunks in the process... I'll just leave it at that)! If this is any indication as to how it will be with multiple children, I'm in trouble! I'm always saying, "Sasha, down! Stop eating Will's food!" followed by, "Will, stop feeding Sasha and stop sitting on her!" But here's the best part: our land lady's scheduled arrival is today!!! I won't be in the dog house anymore! It'll just be back to me and Will... all alone, waiting for the very next visitor to come our way... (Pepper and Bailey are also welcome).

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  1. Looks like Will likes Sasha at least! Maybe he would sleep really good with her by his side and then you could sleep in!


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