never say never

Isn't that a double negative? I'm no English major... anyway, this will be the first time I post twice in one day! I know, crazy. I usually try not to, which I believe is just a manifestation of my undiagnosed OCD. So really, there is no explanation as to why not... I believe it might just be because I didn't like the way it looked.

But the show must go on! I just got a "Galactic Greeting" from our friends at Disney. I thought these would be fun to share, and it goes along with my previous post. And I'm happy to report that I beat all the boys in our group (which includes my husband, father and brother). Who knew I was so trigger-happy?!

You can't really see my face, 'cause I'm really into helping destroy Zerg! Must I point out again, that such intensity is the reason I won? Perhaps not. Regardless of who the losers were (namely Brad Summers, Phil Borgia, and Kory Borgia), we all had fun. Agreed? I do concur.

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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    And the pics come with the scores posted right on them. I bet Brad has been walking the hall of shame ever since.


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