couldn't help myself

If you will kindly refer back to my very first post, you will see that I foresaw this happening... it's an obsession! I just had to go ahead and post again today. Toss my pride out the window of a moving vehicle and throw caution to the wind! So without further ado, here is some of the interesting art in my aforementioned humble abode.

If you think I purchased these, how wrong you are! And if you have just now discovered that you are mistaken, then I'm curious as to what you think my taste/style is? I can appreciate these pieces as art, and they therefore belong in a museum, not my home (major clashing going on, as you can imagine... if you know me). But this little house isn't really mine, so I'll give them a break. They are inanimate objects and are not to be blamed. However, there was another display of talent that I just had to move. I won't place it here, for the subject was a charcoal-drawn wolf, with red, female (human) body parts adorning the top half - if you get what I'm saying. I had to draw the line somewhere. So it now safely rests behind a cabinet in our "storage" area...

Don't worry, you will be getting some more pictures on here of the rest of my place, but I had to taunt you! You know, leave you with wanting more... or is it less now? Stay tuned!

PS. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves as to what is actually going on in these paintings. As for me, I've grown partial to the brighter colored of the two and my take on it is of a futuristic centaur, with a disconnected rocket-head and the body of an E. And the other one: "I have no response to that."


  1. I see the 1st one as the first intergalactic McDonalds! And because of limited space in space (???), there is a Martian dance-club on the roof! There... beautiful!

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Wow Beth, these paintings are so "you". I am sure you are thoroughly enjoying having them in your home.

  3. Believe it or not, (speaking from experience) these pictures look much better on the computer screen than in person!! The one of Will is exceptionally cute! Naturally! (Brad also looks pretty good.)

  4. Okay, that previous post was supposed to be mine. At least us two old gray haired women commented!!!


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