just plane fun

Sorry it's been a while... excuses, excuses, excuses. Last week Grandpa Summers flew the Husky Charter and we were able to jet down to LA and visit for a couple of hours. I got a tour of a plane not-in-motion, inside and out. I have to say, very impressive. And I'm not being sarcastic (for once)! I know everyone checks this site for pictures, so I'm happy to report that we have some live ones here (because we all know that pictures of a show and movie don't count).

My family is here visiting for a few days, and we have some fun planned. So there should be some good posts to follow... this past week has been busy, but only with more of the same ol' homemaking stuff. Brad's parents will come in a couple of weeks, too. Looks like this month is not only the month of haunting, but also a month of visiting! How exciting, real conversations!

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  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    That boy of yours is so freakin cute! I swear he just gets cuter by the minute!


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