it's pumpkin time!

Happy October!!! How about our model here? I've decided upon yet another nickname for our William: Jack-O'-Lantern. He only has four teeth, with just the right amount of gapping on top. It just adds to his personality!

I had a great time in Arizona and I was able to see my parents for an entire day, thanks to their wallet and the patience of my husband! But it's great to be back. It's so gorgeous here, I really wish we could come into some serious money so we could settle down here. *Sigh* Where's a civil action when you need one?

So, who's excited for Halloween?! This is my favorite month, quite possibly because it contains my favorite holiday (and it's the quintessential month of Fall)... And in the words of my brother, "There's something wrong about you, Beth." It's true. Christmas runs a close second, but there's nothing like the gloominess of All Hallows' Eve!

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  1. I am with you Beth - Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. Way less stressful than Christmas (which is a close 2nd) and all the fun. Pumpkin carving, costumes & treats...what is lacking I ask? Nothing! It is perfect. Plus, in the AZ you can always break out a light jacket on Halloween.


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