home sweat home

Before you tar and feather me, I meant to spell it that way. "Oh the cleverness of me!" Based on the title, I am visiting my sunny and hot Mesa. I hate the heat, I really do... But I do love the memories of my childhood home (part duex). I'm here hanging out with my bro while my parents are away. A fact that my husband keeps forgetting. And if he's reading this, no honey, my mom is not here so I can't be having fun with her. Yes, Brad is back in California, studying. He had his first midterm today, of which I am dying to hear how it went!

Anyway, back to ranting. You know what else I hate? Dial-up. Anytime Brad starts whining about how slow it is, I try to defend it. You know me, always trying to be fair. Well, no more. It's official; I despise it. I mean, it takes FOREVER! Consequently, there will be no pictures today (I made an honest effort people, but I didn't want my head to explode... I just fixed my hair). Also missing from this page: a post with a theme. Unless you count random complaints, mingled with insignificant news. There you have it!

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  1. Dear Bethy

    been reading your posts. such a brilliant way to keep up with your life:). wow it seems as yesterday when i was saying goodbye to you in Mesa. and now you are happy mom and a wife. great honey! this 5 years have truley flone bye. have once nice hot day in Mesa for me too.. i wish we lived just a bit closer. miss you babe

    love your Croat


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B