acceptance is required, and embraced!

I've finally agreed. To blog that is... The phrase "everyone's doing it!" has never been so attractive until now! Those darn friends and relatives, all with their own blogs! Email will soon be replaced by personal web page shout outs... What's a girl to do if she wants to comment? Well, to accept defeat and join the club!

But seriously, I'm not bitter, just sarcastic. I'm quite excited about this new avenue of time wasted/saved. You see, I'm terrible at keeping a journal only because I'm writing to an unknown audience, by hand! But shoot, I'm good at typing and I always update (sooner or later) via email. Why not combine my love hate relationship of technology and geneology and do something productive! Besides, I can't write 30 emails a day. Contrary to popular belief, I have to have a life beyond the wonderful world wide web...

I also realize that that last statement will most likely come back and bite me where the sun don't shine! You all know that I'll be addicted to this new hobby and my new life will be blogging! Let's just hope I don't bore anyone. And on that note, enjoy!

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