welcome to our humble abode

If you call $1,500 a month humble... which in Malibu, it is! Man, we could have bought a house in Rexburg and we'd be paying our mortgage right now, not just throwing it down the crapper! But at least that crapper leads to an ocean, eh?

Anyway, here are some pictures of our "new" home. I'm just showing you the outside first, as I'm striving to break you all in gently. I'll be posting pictures room by room in the days (or weeks) to follow. But for now, this will just have to wet your palate...

The Welcome Gate
I have yet to hear the story behind the design. But I bet it's a good one!

Our Rustic Cottage
If cottages and guest houses alike have no real kitchen, then we qualify!

My Herb Garden
That's it, in the background! You all know how excited I am about this feature!

Our Eccentric Aunt
This is the home of our very interesting, single, scandinavian land-lady.
We call her Aunt Lena (long story).

Well, that's it for now. Once I have our place decorated to my liking, or to the best of my ability, I'll post pictures of the inside and give some more details. But as of this second, I'm very happy with where we are. Most likely because I just took the pictures and the time to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Money, mold and lack of appliances aside, we are very blessed to have found this charming home for our family.

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