home of the waves

Brad may sleep in the guest house, but his real home is Pepperdine. When asked if he's ever distracted by the scenery while at school, Brad simply replies that the beauty makes it easier for him to stay focused! According to him, he can take ten seconds and shift his gaze from Torts to the ocean, and automatically feel refreshed and ready to hit some more books! Crazy, I say; but he insists that studying is much easier when it's pleasant all around you...

Any time we take a trip to campus we agree that there is a wonderful feeling and atmosphere here. We are glad that we made the right decision, that Brad enjoys law and doesn't mind going to school (in shorts, flip-flops, and a face full of hair, no less)!

I've included some photos capturing Pepperdine's charm. Some of you may not realize that Pepperdine is a Christian school, affiliated with the Church of Christ. And yes, deer. Deer greet you as you cruise up the hill. And there's a picture of Brad's studying point. Hard life huh? Somehow, I don't feel too bad for him...

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