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Hello all you over-achievers out there! Aren't you exhausted?! I sure am. If you know me as well and dear as you think you do, then you know how my grand ideas always peeter out. I always have the best of intentions. May I blame it on the season? I wish I could, but I don't want to disrespect my lovely Autumn by holding it responsible for my laziness. No, the only one worthy of the pointed fingers is moi. I figure that the best and first action would be to admit I have a problem. When I commit, I need to commit. Please accept my apology if my laziness has personally affected you. So here's to a clean house, getting ready for the day, thank you cards, phone calls, visits, book reading, emails, taking/sending pictures, etc. Let's hope I can kick this, and if I can't, please feel free to do the kicking!

In other unrelated news, we watched our first Halloween movie! Well, about a month ago, Will and I turned on "The Nightmare Before Christmas"... but that doesn't count, that's an anytime movie!!! Anyway, we went to rent "Hocus Pocus," which turned out to be quite the trip. In the end, I bought it. Stupid Blockbuster. So we spent our first night of many, celebrating the upcoming holiday. We went to Starbucks where I got a free pumpkin cream muffin (let's hear it for ugly food) and a pumpkin spice steamer. That's right, Starbucks does steamed milk!!! It was such a discovery, it made my week. Now you know and you can try all those fancy flavors guilt-less!* Ooh, I also picked up some Pumpkin ice cream at the store to savor all month long! There's nothing wrong with being a little obsessive in the name of festive!

* calories not included

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  1. You are the most festive Halloween person that I've ever met. Keep writing to rub it off on me!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B