Why... so... serious?

Apparently three hours ago, Heath Ledger was found dead. I don't know about you, but this shocked the heck out of me. Seriously, the room was spinning and my head is still feeling topsy-turvy. Just shocked me sick.

It's not like I was completely infatuated with him (although I've always loved his looks, accent, talent, etc.). Mostly, this came clear out of left-field. And I've been admiring his past roles and looking forward to his upcoming movies. Especially this one:

Whatever was bothering that poor man, I hope he's found some peace.
That is all. *B


  1. I am shocked too. I just saw the headline, and couldn't believe it. So sad.

  2. My mom sent me an e-mail a little while ago at work, telling me. I am also totally shocked, even though I wasn't infatuated with him either. It's so weird that his new movie hasn't even come out yet and now we will see him in it and it will be sad and weird all over again. When I saw a preview for Batman I thought "I can't believe that's Heath Ledger, I cannot see him in that role." Weird and sad is all I have to say.

  3. oh man, me too. It seriously made me sick when I read it. I just finished reading People's "Gone to Soon" (I know, I know...) and I'm not sure what it is about young stars dying, but it always seems so tragic. This is one is just as sad.

  4. I could not believe this either. SO SAD. My heart goes out to his 2 year old daughter.

  5. I had no idea until I read your blog, but that is so sad. His poor little daughter...

  6. He was my "hollywood boyfriend" back when I was a teenager...

    It is really weird and sad. I feel so bad for his daughter, too.

    It's just terrible.

  7. I am oddly depressed too. I don't know the man in person, but I felt really terrible about his death. I think it is the fact that his potential is just gone now. And the fact that it came out of no where. If it was an accident, how tragic.

  8. i know Bethy.. i am so sad. he was my only actor crush.. his smile was just intoxicating.
    he was too beautiful talented for this world..


  9. you know what this makes me wonder? If playing a part like that(i.e. the joker) gets into your head and all the darkness gets to be too much. I wouldn't know... being devoid of acting ability. I wonder though. How sad is that?

  10. Hi Beth! It is nice to find you, Hooray! Anyways, when my friend said that Heath Ledger died I didn't believe them. It really seems so strange.
    I will keep on checking in on ya!

  11. Anonymous10:03 PM

    It's very sad! :( I love Heath in most all his movies! It's weird to have someone from the younger generation go... it's more of a shock for sure.

  12. Ya-har me matey! I'll be prirates with you any day says I !
    Okay FIRSTLY, this is really sad, Sean and I were also totally shocked!
    SECONDLY: I will not be peer-pressured into swapping!!! (even if your swap is totally genius) If I'm going to take that next blogerific step I need to be ready for it and I'm not ready :)
    THIRDLY: I never said that I curse grape vineyards ... I said that raisins make me want to ... very different in my mind. Oh contrare! After watching A Walk in the Clouds I was totally convinced (and still am) that I will live in a vineyard, or darn near close to one! They are so romantic and charming and wonderful!
    FOURTHLY: I have TOTALLY READ The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle!!!!!!!! It was my absolute FAVORITE book growing up!!! You know me :)
    And last but not least: you should watch the movie :)

  13. I was so shocked to find this out too. It's so sad!!!. You know what just peeves me off, is how the media and the news are trying to "blame" someone and are trying to make this into something it's not. I hope that doesn't sound mean. I mean a wonderful actor has died and he leaves behind a daughter, family and friends who loved him. No one was there, so no one should be assuming what happened.

  14. I don't really know who this actor is...but it really breaks my heart. :( So tragic. :(

  15. I felt the same way, I thought I was just being silly, maybe it's because he was so young. I'll miss him.


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