to infinity and beyond

Sorry, but we've been busy these last few days...

like, fighting the Evil Emperor Zurg, Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Alliance, etc.

I'll be back with more, real photos later. And a swap! Who wants to put an end to all the meanness and spread the love instead?! I do. That's who. *B


  1. I live right next to d-land and I haven't gone on that ride yet! I heard it's awesome.

    Anyway, a swap????? I would love to swap (I have some mushroom stamps just longing to be used!) :D

  2. Hmmm, a swap may be just the thing! More details please and more photos too!

  3. beth- you are a goofus! I'm in on the swaperoo!

  4. Don't you just love that ride!! Oh, I already miss Disney and it has only been a few weeks...I am so jealous that you get to visit the mouse so often. And nice job kicking hinney on the ride...Buzz would be proud!

  5. That's a great picture!! I wish I lived closer to D-Land. Please go and enjoy it for me. LOL

    I'd love to do a swap!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B