spreading the love, not STD's

Today's the day folks! This is the LAST day to sign-up. Yup, it is indeed January 31st, 2008. What? It's the end of January? What?! It's 2008?! It's all true my friends. All true.

Now that you've restarted your hearts, it's time to refresh your brain. Little ol' vulnerable me is hosting my very own, first ever, SWAP! And it's all for you babes. Seriously. Just join already! You know you want to. You may hate the upcoming love-month/holiday, but who doesn't love getting mail?! Seriously.

I hope you hop on the love-wagon with me and help me spread the love. For more information go here, here, oh yeah, and here. If you've already signed up, well then, THANK YOU.
From the bottom of my heart. *B

credits: all this darling matchy-matchy swap scrap stuff is due to Miss Michelle Godin's talents. Praise her and her GirlExperiment kit.


  1. My dear...I do believe I know you--or have seen you before...after searching through your beloved blog for pictures of you, you seem SO familiar! I called my friend Amber (because apparently you know HER too) and she said you lived in the Burg...as did I. Hmmmm.....if only I could put my finger on it!
    Either way, I am happy to know you now...

  2. Are you through begging people to join sweetie?? Because I need to get going on these cards!

  3. Seriously, if I didn't have about 98 more projects than I could handle right now, I would be ALL over this one! I love mail! Such a great idea. You are too cute, Beth!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B