I'm just not feeling in the highest of spirits today. I don't feel like being social. I don't even feel like blogging anymore! *GASP* I know, I know. I blame it on the hormones. Maybe I'll have Brad cut my bangs tonight. That always makes me feel better... but I do feel loved. Thank you, all you dear-hearts, for your sweet, comforting and upliftings words. Everything you said is true. And I know that. Sometimes it's just good to be reflective every once in a while.

Not so fun: pity parties. *B


  1. Be careful to not reflect too much. The last time someone did that, Narcissus turned into a flower from looking at himself until he de-evolved.

  2. I have never "met" you--but I see you are a friend of Steph's, so thus you are a friend of mine! :) I hope it is okay to comment here...

    I too have had those darned blah days. Thank goodness for husbands and Coldstone! :)

    I have read through your blog and love it...you are so inspirational! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts--even the blah ones. It is wonderful to be able to relate to others, even on the bad days. :)

    Hope things look up!

  3. Rachel (holloway - above) is the coolest :) Okay, so you let Brad cut your bangs? How in the world does he do that? I can't even get the HAIRDRESSER to cut them right so I have decided that I need to learn to cut them myself! I always feel like a new woman when I get my hair cut :)

  4. Bethers, I would love to email you but I don't think I have your email. Mine is braniffs@gmail.com
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be your exercise buddy :) I've already started and have a few thoughts I'd like to share once I get my hands on your email address :) By the way, everyone has blah days, weeks, months ... things will get better :)

  5. Ya, life has its ups and downs. If you didn't get blah days I would be totally jealous! I'm already in envy of how freaking crafty you are on here. Don't worry, if tomorrow isn't better, I'm sure by next week next week sometime you'll be back on track!

  6. You better not quit blogging- I am completely unwilling to give up your awesome comments and posts! Sorry, not an option. :-)

  7. Steph: I'm going to come up with a tutorial on how to cut your bangs! Should be fun.

    Camille: I won't quit :)

  8. You are SO LOVED by ME and everyone. :)


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B