it's all about the love

Indeed my friends, V-day is fast approaching, just like this here love-fest (aka. swap), I'll be posting about soon... Just thought I'd make note of a few up and coming happenings that are somewhat related to THE day. First off, Kelly's hosting another fabulous swap: wish i was there. Okay, okay, while it may not be entirely Valentine related, it is promoting friendship and good feelings. Go Kelly!

Secondly, the lovely Michelle is organizing a RED & WHITE fat-quarter exchange! Fabric is definitely one of those things that cheers everyone up (think about it; it's EVERYWHERE. Clothes, quilts, etc. I know Anthro's clothes make me happy... And who doesn't like quilts?!). Go Michelle!

And last, but certainly not least, my oober talented brother has a comic blog up and ready to entertain! So, it is with great pride that I introduce to you A Hair in the Spaghetti. A story about one man, Frankie "The Hair" Pascetti, living between two worlds. The running comic itself may be about murder, but his latest piece is all about a messy little dish called love. Check it out. Go Adam!

So yeah. Have fun browsing :)
Go bloggers! *B


  1. Thanks for the tip Bethers! Nothing fits better than love and murder, especially for Valentine's Day. You'll have to explain to me a bit more how the whole thing works though... I'm a little thicker than others sometimes.

  2. I remember that Adam used to do comic strips. Didn't he post a few in The Scroll? I think it's really cool that he's still goin' strong :)


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