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Ta-dah! Our pics from our trip to D-land with the Schooley bunch. While viewing the following series of photos, take note of 1.) I don't do well with rides --hence the sick look on my face (never mind me looking pregnant), while on a carousel! A carousel, of all things... but most of Disney's rides are pretty tame. And always magical. Both reasons for why I love it so; 2.) Will's cute face; and, 3.) my son's current infatuation with Buzz Lightyear (whose glove so magnanimously patted his head... the heavens sang).

There were also yummy Monte Cristoes, crazy train rides, and lots of baby holding. Fun times. Fun times. *B

{my favorite picture of that day, of my favorite boy}

{and then we locked-up our little monkeys... they didn't seem too worried}


  1. you are so good at laying photos out on blogger. It's not an easy task... at least not for me. He's a doll.

  2. I don't think the carosoul was the thing that made you sick- if the Monte Cristos were as greasy as the last ones I've had- I'm betting it was those. :)
    And Will does look like he's having lots of fun!

  3. Toucher TopHat. Toucher. (Am I spelling that right?!) *B

  4. It's French--"touche" (I don't know how to do the accent on here!)
    You don't look sick. You look beautiful.

  5. That was fun. Thanks for holding Beckham, so I could enjoy some rides. I love the picture with Buz. To cute.

  6. I love these pictures, and am so glad you posted them. I love when kids get to the age when they can "get into stuff" ... and why not Buzz Lightyear? He's courageous, devishly handsome, and is loaded with cool gadgets and gizmos! I can't wait when we can go to Disneyland :)

  7. You are so lucky! I wanna go!


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