This past weekend found me drained. More on that later...

I've decided to take a break from the big, bad blogosphere (yay for alliteration!) and re-evalaute my life. Priority management, my friends.

In the meantime, enjoy some fabulous artwork à la Aglaia Mortcheva. It's definitely on the fun side of weird. Naturally, I love it! ;)

And no worries, I'll be back. *B


  1. You aren't really a total stranger. Emily has your blog linked to hers, so I look at your blog all the time. I suffer from acute "i'm bored at work" disease and look at all the blog links on her page (and yes yours too....does that make me nosy?;-)
    I downloaded your freebie "Be's
    scrapbook stuff today. It is sooo cool. I am so in awe. I'm just starting the whole digital scrapbooking thing....
    I wish I could design my own scrapbook stuff, that would make my husband happy....
    After my long blab....
    Thanks for the comment though!

  2. Again...you deserve a break! So go and take one!

  3. You're leaving us, Beth? What shall I do? :)
    Have fun re-prioritizing.

  4. B, I thought we just did this a little while ago?

  5. Hey! what are you doing on so late at night?! :) thought I'd comment here, so you'd get it (rather than on my blog, responding to your comment).

  6. when you've got kids, 10:30 sure feels late!!

  7. oh no...:( don't go...but if you do, I hope you get some rest and organization to your life. :)

  8. Good for you Beth!! I find myself doing this more and more lately. Enjoy your break!!

  9. I'm missing you but I hope you're relaxing the days away!

  10. Honey,

    i am coming to AZ. YOU HAVE TO COME too !!! please please please ..
    i will be in AZ from sept.29 until oct. 10..
    Cara is getting married and i thought it was great chance to finally come over...

    you have to comeeeeeeee.. i can't wait to see you


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B