muchos gracias

I'm not even pretending to know Spanish, but one thing I do know is that I have GREAT family and friends! Wow, thanks so much for all your kind words yesterday. I have to admit, I was beyond surprised that such an innocent complaint on my part would elicit such a response from my loved ones. I'm feeling much better, thanks to all the virtual hugs and soup I've gotten. Oh, and check out Miss Maureen's card! Seriously, wow. So here is my thank you card to all you dear hearts:
My head feels like I've over-dosed on some cold meds or something, which is far from the truth (if you know me...)! But really, I'm doing well and y'all need to stop worrying about me being busy because I am nothing more than a lazy person with silly ambitions, HA! Hopefully my camera will decide that it's on the mend too, so I can get some pictures up here from the last week or two. Anyone want to donate one of these to me??? *B

credits: paper from In the Garden, MaryMaryQuiteContrary by SandeKrieger at 2Peas and henna frame from Angie Briggs at ScrapGirls.


  1. What an adorable card... sure beat mine ;) So Beth, I'm waiting to see some digital FREEBIES on your blog, since you're now DESIGNING your own stuff! Whip up some brads or somethin'-- I want "B" goodies :)

  2. Carlee and I just recently bought a Nikon D40 in anticipation of Maggie's arrival. It is one of the best things we have ever bought. I love my D40!

    Check pricegrabber.com everyday for good deals on the D40.

  3. What a lovely thank you card. Thank you for saying thank you. :)

    Hope you fully recover soon!!


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