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No, dear Mrs. Mushroom, I have not forgotten you or your tag! I've been mulling it over and here it is, for all to see and ponder about {B}. I hope you don't mind me snagging your California bears to aid me in colorifying this here post. And I'm going to break the rules and just post these little random facts about me and invite all to join if you so choose! Enjoy, at your own risk (restrictions apply):

1. I have multiple ear piercings. Two in my left, three in my right, all with my mother's approval/encouragement... years ago, I stopped bedazzling the excessive holes and now I hardly wear any earrings at all!

2. The most rebellious thing(s) I did as a teenager was stay up past my bedtime (home alone, reading in my bedroom) and not clean my room, or make my bed. And if my mother commented on my shorts being too short, then I wouldn't wear them to school, and I wouldn't take them to change into at school either. A relatively tame teen, eh?

3. Surprisingly enough, I consider myself a good liar, when it's necessary... HA!

4. I don't like to talk much, or kiss much, in the morning before I've removed my retainers and brushed my teeth. I hate having morning breath.

5. My preferred method of expressing myself: writing. For some odd reason, ideas and thoughts come to me a lot easier when I'm writing. Especially if I'm typing, then the words just flow. Weird. Also, I feel more like an intellect and admittedly more hip when I write. However, I don't know how to diagram sentences. I know what a noun is, but that's about it. I couldn't tell you an example of a verb, because I don't know one. And you can tell me over and over again what the proper parts of speech are, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Weird. I always said that I felt like I could write by ear (which makes no sense). Basically, I know what sounds right... it comes from all that reading I did as a kid I suppose. Oh, and I'm a picky editor (my essays and papers were always trashed, by my own hand, several times over. Anytime a classmate would see my drafts they'd feel bad for me because they'd think I had a big meanie for a partner. Then they felt bad for themselves when they realized it was lil' ol' me who was the harsh one... but I did good by them. Haha!).

6. I think I'm dyslexic. I had a professor suggest it to me one day. He explained that it's a different sort than just writing backwards; my mind can't handle lots of options. So, I have a terrible time with multiple choice tests, ordering food, deciding what to eat if we don't already have something planned, etc. In fact, it's gotten really bad lately in that I can't follow directions or patterns. In fact, a simple purse pattern, or directions on how to make a proper apron, send me into panic attacks. I do better to just look at a picture or the object in question and figure it out myself. Everything I do or make is just me teaching myself (like digital scrapbooking, or my countless projects...).

7. I was once in a movie, in the opening scenes of a very bad (aka. lame) karate movie. No, I've never seen it. I don't even know the name. That's how lame it is. But I do have a high purple belt in taekwondo.

8. I probably whine "I want to go to Disneyland" almost every day. At least once a week, but more realistically about every other day. It's about as often as me saying, "I love CA!" :)

PS- don't have my copy yet. *sigh, sniff, sigh* I'm using every ounce of restraint possible to keep myself from going to the local bookstore and devouring it! I can wait until Friday, or Saturday. Maybe. But notice my new theme song. It not only reminds me of the book and the relationships found inside it, but also of my ridiculous bond with the work itself! Goodness! Good stuff. *B


  1. She really does whine about Disneyland at least every other day.

  2. I think I saw that movie... ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing your random stuff. Fun to read!!!

  3. Shannon7:08 AM

    That's funny about "the book". Russell and Alena pre-ordered Harry Potter and decided at midnight on Friday night that they couldn't wait for it the next day and so went down and bought another copy. I know already that I can't wait for things in the mail so I just plan on going down as soon as the store opens and buying it myself in about 1 hour! Oh...I also told your mom that she shouldn't let you get multiple piercings. I also hardly wear earing anymore. I love learning all these things about you.

  4. I have been whining about Disneyland this summer, too.

  5. First of all, I would have never guessed in a million years that you would have had multiple piercings. Not that it is bad, I too had a couple piercings in my young age but it just doesn't seem like "beth." Haha, I like it though :)
    Second, I think you should write a book. I would read it. I actually am very interested to read anything that you would write and I am SURE I am not the only one that feels that way.
    Third, I feel you, I too LOVE Disneyland and wish that I could go there often. I love the music, the energy, the carelessness, everything...I love Disney!

  6. Okay - I just checked and my copy is supposed to be delivered today!! Hopefully you will have the same good fortune!!
    Love all the cute tidbits about you! I can't wait till we can get together and play! Someday...

  7. I'm glad my bears added color to your post! :)

    Wow...you sound sooooo cool! Karate and piercings! :) And I agree, I have to brush my teeth before I can start the day!

  8. Beth you movie star! I totally agree we have a lot in common---oh that the days of BYUI are passed!

  9. Lurker here, I feel strange reading all your blog entries and not at least saying hello! I am a friend of Ashley's Hollis' and I came across your blog a couple months ago. I have to say, I find it quite entertaining! You have such a knack for writing, and expressing yourself, it is amazing!

  10. Hi Camille! Welcome and thank you, thank you for your sweet kind words! Totally made my day. :)

  11. Camille Roskelley8:03 PM

    No problem! Thank you for your thank you! :-) And thanks for the free entertainment! I will definitely post more in the future, so I guess that makes me an ex-lurker! Keep it coming!

  12. I'm sorry I don't feel the same way about Disneyland.... :)

    Oh gosh! My mother has 2 piercings in one lobe and 3 in the other. I was totally going to do that once upon a time...


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