my poor birdie

Finger that is. I sliced it while making dinner. There was a lot of rosey red action going on, which made me glad that I wasn't married to a vampire. HA! And now it's in a splint so I can't move the knuckle and reopen the wound. You know how ridiculously painful a paper cut is? It's like that and then some.

Oh, and I can only type with my right hand and my left forefinger. Yeah, I thought y'all would get a good laugh out of that mental image!

So my book came to me yesterday, apparently arriving at 11 in the morning. I never knew it was out lounging amongst the mailboxes until 3 in the afternoon. But that was a good thing because I got stuff done (laundry, lunch, crockpot dinner, fluff for Jbird, and I even got some scripture reading in this time! I'm working on it :) So it's come and I've finished it. Now it's time to sit and wait for the renewal of my other obsession known as JAM...
and fret over the loss of my useless camera and my useful finger. *B

credits: wordart by Tia Bennett, frame by Angie Briggs.


  1. I so feel for you! I tried to cut the top of my thumb off two weeks ago. Thankfully I hit my bone, or else I wouldn't have a top to my thumb. Oh, the pain! I thought child birth was painful.. hahaha. I really feel for you-I'm sorry. At least you got your book to help take your mind off the pain.

  2. Shannon8:21 AM

    Did you get stitches? I hate cuts. So....What did you think of the book?

  3. Hahaha. That is a funny image. Want a funny one from me?
    A couple of weeks I cut my knuckle whilst trying to open a block of cheese with a knife (why do they make it impossible?) McKay was hometeaching, and I was afraid that I cut to the bone. I got a napkin, held it to my finger (elevated above my head of course) and walked around the room for about 5 minutes repeating to God, "Please heal my finger. Please heal my finger." Afterwards I realized how ridiculous that must have looked. :) Have fun with your book!

  4. oh ouchie!!! your poor finger. The best remedy is to rest it and read a lot! :)

  5. I am sorry about your finger. A while ago I sliced one of my fingers with a pair of scissors. It was very bad and wouldn't stop bleeding for a long time. It happened the night before my first dog show and unluckily was on my lead hand! Me and my dog still walked away with one first place ribbon, however...:) And my own mother jabbed her hand pretty good(bad) the other day too! She was cleaning out her paper shredder with a kitchen knife. I think we've all got to be more careful. It is very hard though for a mother to hurt her hand as it makes things like changing diapers, doing dishes and folding laundrey much more difficult. Good Luck and I hope it heals quickly!

  6. Thanks guys! No, I did not have to get stitches (thank goodness!). And I don't know what I should read right now... I think I'll take a break from reading for a few days at least, my eyes are tired (12 hours of nonstop reading tends to take a toll on me, haha).

    Aunt S, I liked it. However, I found Bella to grow steadily more annoying to me. But things happened that needed to happen, in my opinion. However, New Moon is my favorite so far (that is, until Midnight Sun comes out, HA!).

    Heather, that is a funny image (I can totally see you doing that, haha)! And to everyone else: cut stories unite! HA! It's amazing what our bodies can handle, eh?

  7. Shannon4:49 PM

    I totally agree about Bella. I kept thinking, "What a brat!" She really doesn't deserve either one right now does she. I loved the "truce" part.


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