you're a rocket to me

My short post attempt: hello world! And if you're a nerd, you understand the significance of such a phrase! NEWSFLASH: I am one of those nerds! Anyway, since my mother is now back, she asks me everyday, "Why haven't you posted anything?" Aren't mothers the best? She's always my biggest fan, which consequently makes me feel like a rock star! Just know that I'm busy but have lots to post in the next few days, so just you wait for some overload-age! And today is the last day for any discounted Sensaria products, so jot me an email if you're interested AND if you want your consolation prize! And don't forget the present-day give-away (over there, on the right), which I am currently in love with, ha! I guess next to my mother, I'm my biggest fan, hmm...

Oh, and I dedicate this song to all of you, because you're all special to me!



  1. Good song, LOVE the picture. Are you seriously contemplating or just trying for the great shot???

  2. Just WHAT is that supposed to mean mother???

    This is a cropped photo from that silly photo shoot of mine (with the headband, need we forget it?!). Just FYI... But yes, I do have a brain. :P

  3. Hey,it was just a question!!
    I was not infering that you are not intelligent but I know that you are all about making the pictures look good,too!!!! I DO know you better than anyone else, you know...

  4. Snazzy new layout...but now I can't see it all with my non-maximized browser.... :( I will have to widen it a little bit.

  5. Shannon4:47 PM

    I was going to ask how you (and Robin) always take such cute pictures of yourselves, but you already answered it. It is still cute.

  6. Hola Chicka! Hey did you get my email on the lotion I'd love to buy from you? If not, let me know.
    Cute blog as always! Love ya!

  7. looking forward to the overload-age!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B