have mercy on me

Sorry, no pictures or DS floof. Just not in the mood. I don't know why, but I just feel zapped. Anyway, here's one of those tags I was telling you about. The beautiful Sherelle is guilty of this one and I've got a couple more to do, too. But at another time perhaps, as I am zapped, as aforementioned.

1. I have curly hair. Not crazy curly, but definitely on the high end of wavy! Most of the time I don't fix it at all. But if I'm trying to make a good impression (like on Sundays), I try to straighten it, much to my father's chagrin! Besides me liking the look of my straightly damaged hair, it doesn't hurt when Will tangles his fingers in it, whereas it kills when fixed otherwise. Funny story, a little girl in my Primary class asked me last Sunday if I combed my hair that morning. Yes, I had, but I had mistakenly chosen to have big curly hair that day which this little girl didn't entirely approve of. She said it looked like it was still wet, and messy... but she tried to make me feel better by telling me that her hair looks like lava when she wakes up! What a sweet-heart!

2. One of my yucky and oh so unladylike habits is cracking everything! My knuckles, my neck, my back, etc. What's even more gross is that I kind of like the sound... *GASP* I know, nasty.

3. Another gross factor: I shower every other day. *GASP* again!!! But that's not saying that if I get real nasty I won't shower (see #5). In all reality, I never do much more than sit around the house. In my pajamas.

4. Before we lived where we're currently living, I didn't mind washing the dishes. But now I think a dishwasher would be nice. Nonetheless, I wash it all by hand (without gloves, mind you, and you) with scalding water. I am such a hot washer (haha) that it gets me sweating, it's so steamy!

5. Which brings me to nasty fact 3,000 that you NEVER wanted to know about me. Have mercy, but I sweat. Like crazy! More so due to nerves than to calories burned. (So if it's been a bad day and let's say I'm stinkin' up the house, obviously I would shower on such an occasion... no worries as far as #3 is concerned.) Consequently, I wear drab and boring colors or wild and crazy prints. It makes for a sad and strange wardrobe, especially when I have such excellent taste in clothes! :P

6. Speaking of taste, I think I have pretty good taste, and an eye for things. I never went to some design school and such, but I wish I had so I could fine-tune my fancies. And my taste is extremely eclectic, in that it ranges from French country to tamed modern. According to my mom, brothers and husband, if something looks a bit off I'd probably like it! HA!

7. I have this overwhelming sense that I need to prove myself. I never felt like I was smart enough, creative enough, healthy enough, talented enough, etc., etc., etc. Once, when I was interning with a massage therapist, as she worked on my trouble area (my neck) she stopped and pulled away and told me this: "You know that even if you were a Dr. you'd still feel like you didn't amount to much. What are you trying to prove?" I don't know, but where the heck did that come from?! She's one of those talented and more new-age therapists and apparently she picked up on something that was true and before then, never voiced. Hmmm.....

Ok, I have to tag 7 people, which is like crazy insane since most people have already been tagged by me at some other point in time... so here we go. I'm going to tag Tiffany before anyone else can! And Jolene too, because I always love hear what she has to say! And then the other five tags are going to go to ladies who may or may not read this silly blog of mine and who may or may not comment from time to time (but whose blogs I frequent regularly). It's not my way of punishing you, promise. I just thought it'd be kinda funny since I don't even know if you'll read this and thereby get this tag, as I won't be tagging you via commenting. It's just a chancey tag, which would make it seem like I'm punishing you for visiting... which isn't true either! Bah, what a dilemma I'm in! Just know that I love each and every one one of you, trueness. It'll be fun to see if they pick it up or not, haha! Enough. So, I lovingly tag Bonny (who probably hates tags), Becah, Aunt K. (who apparently loves tags), Catlin and Maureen.

And I'm off.


  1. Haha!! We have SOOO much in common! I can relate to pretty much all of your quirks. At least now I know I'm not alone in my world of craziness! =)

    By the way - no, I've never been stung by a scorpion and thank goodness for that! Those things FREAK me out. =)

    Wrong post - I know - but Will looks like such the studly little chef in his apron! I'm so impressed by your apron making skills! I'll definitely have to enter myself into that contest!


  2. You forgot to add some things--like you always compliment people and make them feel good about themselves, you are sensitive, very pretty and lots of fun!!

  3. I find you charmingly interesting! Loved the comment about the primary girl, I can even almost guess who it was. Tell me what age group and i cn DEFINITELY guess who!

  4. Dayna, you're so sweet! I wish we could have hung out more while you were still here... curses! ;)

    Anyway, I teach CTR B. I'm SURE you know who I'm talking about! She's such a sweetie, even with her lava hair!

  5. Well, I have to say that I thought your hair looked cute last Sunday. I was going to say something about it after Sacrament meeting, but I forgot.

  6. Oh man! You're not the only one who sweats.

    Embarrassing fact about me #1: When I was in junior high and high school, I had to get prescription deodorant because of how badly I sweat.

    So no worries about you!


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