the latest developments...

... in a place I like to call {dramatic pause} our lives. So anywho, this will be a bit random of a post, but I figured what the heck and what a nice little break from all my craft infatuations, eh? Just point and click haphazardly throughout this post and you're sure to be somewhat entertained! ;)

The latest news comes to us from today's happenings. Brad had an interview today with a probate office down in LA. We got all ready for it, including the pressing of his shirt, trimming of his tie (ridding it of the fuzzies), polishing of his shoes, and reviewing-slash-creating his resume and reference list. Seeing as it was such a monumental event, I made him pose for some pictures. What a trooper, that man of mine!

Oh, and we got a new cell-phone, one that is strong enough to withstand Will and we have a jazzy ring-tone now, too, check it out:

Now here comes the randomness... although, as it does pertain to our late Easter festivities, I will continue to share this tid-bit of fun: my bags! My mom got me this snazzy scripture case and some money to get some shoes, which I ended up putting towards a new bag for Primary, so it matches my FABULOUS carrier of the gospels. Don't you just love it! Well who cares, I do! HA! And that little {b} tag I got years and years ago, at the AZ baby shower, but I'm going to find a means to put it on one of the bags, although the placement is a little uncertain as of right now...
And, as I mentioned shoes earlier, here's why I decided to get a new bag instead: I already have marvelous shoes! These featured flats are my all time FAVES and I wear them all the time, more so than my knitted head-bands! It's true, ask anyone. My mom got them for me the day I had Will, but my feet didn't fit into them until a few weeks later. I'll tell ya what, there's nothing better than re-discovering you have "skinny" feet while the rest of your body is struggling to catch up!

As for the shoes in the bottom left-hand corner, those are my oh-so fun flip-flops! They're sort of done in an Anne Taintor style that is sadly in the process of being rubbed off. I admit, I wear my Tevas much more frequently, next to my flats, but I am still a fan of my quirky and sparkly sandals-of-sorts! What's more, I did find "my" shoes, on eBay of all places, and unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere else or in the size I NEED them. Yes, it goes beyond a want at this point, it's for sure a need. Just see for yourself!
Same brand {Kenzie, can't find their site today, weird...} as my beloved shoes above, but entirely different color scheme. They are absolutely perfect and if I could only fit my foot into a size 6.5, I would, regardless of the pain. But it's really just inhumanly possible for this comfort queen. *sigh* Prize to anyone who finds them for me! :P

credits to come :)


  1. O.m.g. we love the song (this is kory) Brad is looking pretty darn spiffy also. I would hire him if I could, but I can't so I won't. I'm sure he'll do awesome.

  2. ACK!! Never, and I mean NEVER, is it a good thing to pit fun bags against fab shoes. How on earth is one to decide?! Love the sparkly flip flops. ;)

  3. Shannon6:45 AM

    Cute shoes! What size do you actually wear. I've been eyeing a pair but the only size I can find is an 8 or bigger. I can almost make a 6.5 work because my feet always swell. Wait until you hit 40.

  4. I always loved those shoes that you wore...they are so Beth. Love the new bags as well...jealousy!

  5. Love the bags! Love the shoes!!! I'm sure you look so adorable in the shoes and carrying the adorable bags. Bradley looks handsome in the pictures!


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