to whet your appetite

Ok, so first off, as I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I got pedicures together and it was so fun! However, my massage chair was a little schizophrenic for my taste and the scrubbing of my legs was a little too intense... but all in all, it was wonderful! I love having my feet soak and rubbed, and having my toes painted (I hardly ever do them myself). I wasn't too jumpy this time either! But the best part was spending the hour or so with just my mom (no boys, of any sort). And we now have cute toes to boot! It took us FOREVER to get a decent picture of our toes (mine are orange, mom's are blue-ish, and yes, she does have two feet), but we had some dang good laughs throughout the whole ordeal! I love my giggle buddy! :)

And to show off my toes I was able to get some brown "heals" with a convenient missing spot in the general toe area. But other than that, I didn't have a new Easter outfit. Come to think of it, neither did Will. But I love his outfit and it's been too cold in the past to wear it, so we had Monk wear it one more time (the sandals are new though, too. Does that count, too?). Brad got a beautiful Easter tie and was a good sport and wore it well (the colors are a test to one's masculinity)!
And since this post is just a whetting, here is the only picture I got of Will's Easter basket. I didn't really get to snap the bucket (yes, bucket, not basket) that Nana and Pops filled up for him. This kid seriously made out like a banshee in the gift/toy/candy department! But this here featured basket consists primarily of what I've been busy making the boy. I'll post more pictures and details of my creations later.

So more pics to come of our egg hunting and our overall trip to Mesa. Digi-credits to come later, too. Along with some pictures of Will's haircut. Eventually... And yes, the Sensaria give-away is still going on, I've just renamed it as "Hoppy" Spring. Check out the details below and you can enter by going here.
Later gators!


  1. I LOVE the new post and all you adorable pictures and digi pages. Monk is adorable! Tell Bradley he looks great in the tie! I love your toes. I can't wait to see more pictures. I love you guys! Thank you for your news for the Summers Family newsletter.

  2. Will is such a stud! Aww a pedicure ... I'm trying to remember what that is and how it feels like! ...

  3. I agree, the girl time was much needed! Thanks for sharing it with me! I think the 99 other tootsies pictures we took should be destroyed though.

  4. Beth, I was hoping to meet you this past weekend. Oh well, something to look forward to at a later date. I got a pedicure this week too and I just love being pampered.

  5. Oh My...I love your handmade Easter goodies in that basket! What a lucky kid!!!

  6. I'm sorry to say it, but pictures of feet don't usually whet my appetite... :)


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