ah, the sweet smell of my Will

How cute is this little guy?! I showed him where his pocket was and then later noticed that he was walking around with one hand in his pocket, all chillin' like! Love him, that I do! So the same night I got my delightful bag, we also put our Easter gift money (thanks Mom!) toward a "deluxe plus comfort ride stroller", and this shirt for Monk. It just had his name written all over it (yes, his full name is Bradley William I-do-all-my-own-
stunts Summers; not legally, but you know...). Seriously folks, this kid is fearless, although the pictures don't do his bravery justice.

However, the pics do show what a cutie-pie tough guy he is! I readily admit that our house is indeed a little on the messy side. But have no fear, I promptly picked things up after the photo shoot! Annnnd, I will have you know that all household beds were made, honest! My own mother can attest to the difficulty of such a trivial task, that of making a bed, for one such as I. So I've been a bit lazy ever since getting back, but that changes TODAY!!!

I also realized that Will is the perfect candidate/model for our Natural Bodycare products! You see, while he may seem tough, albeit sweet at the same time (a true conundrum), the scents of lavendar and pineapple wafting through the air, originating from his personage, somewhat contradicts his strong image...

Love the lavender body wash and lotion, which was sadly discontinued. However, Monk's been a faithful user (sometimes abuser) of the stuff since last April. At the young age of 8 months, Will willfully threw out all of his Johnson & Johnson products in favor of the Sensaria superiors. Why? Because unlike the previously mentioned competitor (along with other brands) of soaps/lotions/gels, this other stuff actually worked! And he's had beautiful and eczema free skin, and been a loyal customer, ever since! As for the pineapple smell, that comes from the gelled-up Mohawk. Yup, also Natural Bodycare. This boy is all about his "nurturing rituals" in yummy scents...

Now ladies, I'm using this post, a somewhat silly stab at Sensaria, as a last and final call for anymore entries into the "Hoppy" Spring give-away. But why Beth, why? Because I'm starting another give-away! I told you, I love these things and as I have yet to win anything myself from others, I find a simply sweet sense of joy in offering the chance to others! Simple as that.

Sooooooo, here's the deal. You have between now and the next time I post, to enter this give-away. And the next post is where/when I will reveal the next give-away (I'm so excited for this one!)! No worries, it'll be in a few days, you've still got time. ;) Thanks for playing gals and stay tuned!
Isn't this fun?! Yippee!


PS- Photo corners from jcrowley's Spring Chicken. And I apologize dear Heather, I am still working on your little prize from last time! Thanks for your kind patience! :)


  1. Let me add my own endorsement here!! Will smells fantastic! Most babies do anyway, but he has his own little man, natural via Sensaria Scent!! And so doggone cute to boot! I really am not the least little bit prejudiced--it's just true. Look at those photos!!

  2. What a cutie pie!!! I love the picture w/ the hands in the pocket. All the pictues are soo cute! You seriously need to let me know more about these products! Bryleigh has some rough skin and nothing is working. I'm always up for great products that smell good and work. Please let me know about lotions and such. Love ya!

  3. Will is such a stud!! I love the shirt! And, I'm looking forward to the next give-away! Fun stuff!

  4. Wow - he is one handsome little dude!! I love the shirt! Nathan and I saw it awhile back and I told him that when we have a little boy I will own that shirt! Anyway - I'm glad you had fun in AZ! I get to visit there in July. I know - right smack-dab in the middle of summer. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought the tickets! Anyway - cute baby boy and cute toenails!

  5. He is such a doll!! I love his hair! What a little charmer...there is nothing like a little boy and his pockets. I cant wait for the day that I will dig through my little guys pockets and find all of his treasures...bugs, rocks, cars....

  6. Oh Beth... don't worry a bit about my prize! Nice to know about the Sensaria stuff. My kids have sensitive skin and as babies had some eczema. Interesting products I'm sure!!!

  7. Beth! Will is ADORABLE! Love LOVE the hair!

  8. Brenda P7:37 AM

    I have to have one of those shirts for Troy. He is starting to walk now, and you know what that means...(he has a nice little buise under his right eye). Could you please let us know where to get one? Thanks for you great blog.

  9. Wouldn't you know Brenda, it's from Target!!! ;)

    And does the "P" stand for Pitts??? Because that would make us related... :)


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