five girls and one boy

Wow, thanks ladies! Thanks to everyone who either sent me pictures or referred someone to me ;) Thanks for all the support, really! It was soooooooo hard for me to not use all of them, but certain pictures go with certain layouts or colors... So it's been a little crazy the past few days, because I've been trying to get these layouts done for Nancy before I leave tomorrow (that's right, I'm going home!!! And taking a much needed and neccessary hiatus from blogging or scrapping! But not crafting... ;) Seriously, I've got carpal tunnel up to my elbows, and I think I have cancer of the eyeballs. No joke. Blogging and digi-scrapping are of the devil; confound it though, I love it so {name that tune} !!!

So at first I only had to do three, but Nancy asked if I could create three more using her newest kit, and I happily obliged! So that's where I've been all this while, along with working on getting some galleries started, too. I'm certainly struggling with it all, which is weird for me... I thought I was pretty computer savvy! But not in the way of the digital scrap-booking community, oh no! Forums? New post? Where's the browse button? Heck, where's the search button?!?! Oh well, I've got my 2peas somewhat working, so I'm going to try and link the following pages to there, so you can see the credits (email me if you need help finding certain elements... they can be tricky to find...). Enjoy, and thanks again!!! Who knows, maybe I'll have to do some more girl pages in the future... Speaking of which, if any of you who so willingly sent me some pictures and are disappointed that I didn't use your sweetie(s), I'd be more than happy to, just let me know -- it's the least I could do (or any other way that would speak "Thanks" to you ;)

{click on images for list of credits}

Thanks to Amanda's sister Amy for sending me some
darling pics of her daughter, Brilee!

Thanks to my cuz Nate for sending me a pic of cutie-pie Magei!

Thanks to Amy's sister Lindsey for sending me lots
and lots of gorgeous photos, like this one of her daughter Kate!
This girl dazzles me with her talents! She's the one who made
my reception guest-book. Amazing, that girl...

Thanks to Jolene for letting me scrap her little girl, Heidi!

Thanks to Clarissa for letting me play with Gracie!

And thanks above all, to my Father in Heaven,
for blessing me with such a beautiful "baby" boy
to share with such a loving husband! Love these guys!

And now I'm off to ice my corneas... right after I post some pictures of Will's last haircut (as an ETA that I've been planning on for forever! ETA2: yeah, that's going to be a while longer...) and get some credits going for my header! Glad you all seem to like it! It is quite Springy, isn't it? It's not Fall, but it's Spring, and Spring is nice I guess. Ha!


  1. Beth! I love all of these pages! But especially the page of Gracie (naturally!:)It is just so dang cute. Thanks for inspiring me to get going and scrap a few more pages of my little girls!

  2. Hi Beth...the picture of Lindsey's little girl is Kate. Love the layouts!

  3. Your pages are adorable! Seriously, please teach me how to do this. Have a great visit going home.

  4. Love 'em!! And you!!! See you soon!

  5. all of them are very, very well done!

    what's even better is that my sister a while ago told me that she really liked that photo of all of them. Funny that you chose it too.

  6. Lovin your new layouts...pure eye candy!


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