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We have some news to share with all of you. NO, I'm NOT pregnant, so stop asking! :) No, our news is that we are staying here for the summer. Brad's interview went well enough apparently and we decided that it would be worthwhile to stay and go further into debt! Woohoo! In all seriousness, the interview (at THE LA Superior Court probate office) did go well indeed, seeing as Brad wowed and dazzled them with his Computer Science degree/background/experience and his leadership skills from back in the days at Wade Cook Financial Seminars Inc.

Ok, I think I can somewhat explain what he will be doing. It's volunteer work and it's forever away, so he'll only be going two times a week. He got the interview set-up through a lady we sat by at the J. Reuben Clark Law Society dinner and who's to say she's not going to introduce Brad to the lawyers and judges there (we figured we would be burning some "fruititious" bridges if we declined this offer. Yes, I'm aware that that's not a word... they, at the interview, called this lady "a force to be reckoned with"). Anyway, so what they do here is help people who are going through a divorce or have lost a family member fill out the appropriate forms. Basically, they offer legal services but NOT legal advice... and I guess they're looking into expanding the department and were thinking of coming up with some computer programs to help automate the form-filling system and thought Brad's insight would be handy. What's more, they want to start offering these workshops or seminars on how to fill out these forms and they might have Brad lead them (he use to do the same thing but in the world of stocks and finances at Wade Cook. Yeah, they liked that.). So there you have it! ETA {by Brad}: I will not be leading the seminars, I will probably be teaching some of them under the direction of a licensed attorney. What's the diff?! Just kidding honey!

Oh, and he also has a job lined up, a programming project that's involved with the grading curve that they all use at Pepperdine Law, with one of his professors. It sounds great because the Prof. has told him that there are hundreds of hours of work but that he can do as little or as much as he likes! Perfect! Annnnd... Brad will be studying and taking the Patent Bar this summer (we keep going back and forth on IP law, etc. so we figured it'd be smart to get this under his belt and at least have it there to fall back on and make him more marketable for either a Fall externship or a paid internship his second summer...). He might also take a couple classes. I'm rooting for some dispute resolution classes because they're "easy" and will help his GPA/rank. But that's just my two cents...

In Beth related news, I was offered another creative team gig with Gretchen Tripp! I am, of course, really excited and I hope that when the time comes to do some girl pages (she has some really good boy potential stuff for me to work with), I might be able to use those sweet girly pics that I wasn't able to use before. And of course, only with your ladies' permissions (I'll email you before I start working with your photos, m'k?)! Also, just a word of warning, I will most likely be posting my layouts, yet again, so watch out! ;)

Something I've been thinking about for the past few months, but especially this past week in light of our decision of making ourselves poorer, I might try launching an Etsy shop of my own this summer. You see, that's why I am still selling Sensaria Natural Body Care (which I happen to still lovvvvvve! Hello, natural?! Yes please.) and that's why I have some silly adsense on both my blogs (horror of horrors! It was Brad's idea...)! I've made some cash from Sensaria in the past and I'll really have to vamp it up this summer. As for adsense, I think I've made a total of 63 cents! Woot woot! Although Brad does have a scholarship this year (and hopefully next year), we are constantly worried about the debt factor of law school and CA living (our rent right now is as much as most people's home mortgages! Luckily, and thankfully, it will be lowered a couple hundred in the Fall... but still!). And since Brad will be busy at the probate office doing volunteer work (let's hope it's worth it, and maybe, just maybe, they'll move him up to a paid position), I personally really start to feel the weight of it all. I know that there is no greater calling than that of motherhood. And I LOVE being Will's mama. But there is not a day (or at least every other day) that goes by without me worrying about our financial situation, without feeling some sort of responsibility for it all. So that's why I might try out an Etsy shop this summer, just for some pocket change, you know? Because honestly, in our current state, a penny saved is a penny earned, and a penny earned is another drop in the bucket!

Oh, and I'm delaying the start of the next give-away. I wanted to put some finishing touches on the sample I'll be showing you, so you'll just have to wait a few days more! But go ahead and take the chance to enter my Sensaria anniversary goodie give-away, while you still can, by going and commenting here. Sorry to be such a stickler on where you have to comment in order for it to count, but it's easier for me, and I am all about being lazy! Ha! And here's a sneak peak of what the next offer will be!!!

A big hearty pat on the back for anyone
who can guess what it might be! :)

PS- Being the crazy health-nut that I am (and that my family is, by force! *grin*), in other Summers family news, we are going through a cleanse/detox/fast of sorts this week and month. For those of you interested (I can think of one, maybe two), you can email me for the details. However, if there is enough demand I will of course follow it up with some supply via my Mess (which has sadly been neglected... there-there Mess, {hugs}). Wish us luck!

PPS- I forgot to mention that Will also smelled of Rosemary Mint, thanks to my FAVORITE shampoo ever!!! There will be no turning back... curse you Natural Body Care!!!


  1. I will not be leading the seminars, I will probably be teaching some of them under the direction of a licensed attorney.

  2. you are so right, B. Cleansing/detox/fasting would normally be right up my alley. However, with the serious drugs I'm on, I should probably wait a little while.

    I feel for you in bearing the weight of family finances at this stage in our lives. It is a hard load to carry. We are lucky to have men who do all they can, and our own craftiness to help us contribute in a real "monetary" way! Just think though....once Brad is OUT of law school...fat wallet time! You'll have that debt paid off sooner than you think. He'll totally be snatched up with all that talent and his manly charm....

  3. You crack me up! Way to go Brad! Of course, every man needs the support of his wonderful sweetheart to get through life. (hint-hint) lol
    Seriously, you'll have to let me know about the Natural Body care products. I was so into that when I was in Oregon, but I can't seem to find anything I like here TX. The NW is better on stuff like that anyways. Please let me know where I can get info on the those products-if you sell them-I'll get some from you! Love ya!

  4. Congrats to Brad for the jobs! And I think you should go for the Etsy shop! You are incredibly talented! Use it to your advantage! Truly, you'd have people waiting in line for whatever you create!

  5. Way to show them your stuff Brad! That is very exciting. As for the Etsy shop--I think that you should definitely go for it...especially if you are going to be selling your darling blocks. I know that I will buy and refer...so count on at least one customer!

  6. congrats on the job!! It is always nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel...no matter how long that tunnel may be it is still nice to know that the light is there. Money can be so heavy and a little overwhelming...I completely know the feeling...the one thing that keeps me grounded is that I know that we are paying tithing and that the Lord will provide, maybe not lavishly or in the way I would want but I know that we will not go without. I know it is easier said than done but dont forget to keep your head up...it is easier to see heaven that way.

  7. Beth, I just thought of you for this call for a creative team with my friend, Jenna. Go check it out...


  8. p.s. - and congrats on the scrapping gig!

  9. Well I am glad you are sticking around for the summer. Join the club of going in to lots of debt. Someone has to do it. It might as well be us. JK. I hate it too. I think the Esty shop thing sounds like a great idea. Right up your alley. Do it before you have another little one, then you will have little to no time. And I know what the mystery picture is, but only because I saw it at your house. So I won't spoil it for everyone else.:)

  10. Okay- a couple of things. Major congrats to the two of you for your jobs. Secondly, it is great of you to be concerned about your finances, but don't stress too much right now. In reality there isn't much that you can do other than be responsible with your $ and be grateful for a good education. You will have PLENTY of time to worry about school debt! Enjoy the last bit of life as students- it will never be the same again!

  11. Shannon2:42 PM

    You and Brad are both so smart and talented. Congratulations to both of you. I've been down for a few days but the highlight of my days is always reading my sister's and nieces' blogs.


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