california crazies

A couple o' days ago, my dear Abs and I went back to Santa Monica to shop. It was fun, as always, to promenade the street of 3rd. We didn't find what we were looking for, but someone sure did find us! We were at Starbucks, getting some hot chocolate/steamers and letting Will jam out to some kidz Christmas tunes at their music bar, when we hear this foreign-tinged voice behind us. Here we are, two "single" women with a baby, approached by a man-of-sorts. Nice guy, really. Persistent though. He tried his best to make some small talk, asking about the baby, our names, our purpose for being there, etc. He asked what we were going to do after guzzling our hot drinks (which you can't quite guzzle, in all reality... but what a fun word...). Oh, you know, we're just shopping. No, we wouldn't like to go on a walk with you. Oh, it was nice meeting you, too. Bye.

After exchaning our polite farewells, we head back out into the "cold." I start struggling with Will, my hot bev and the stroller, all in my efforts to make my boy a bottle. Well he falls out of his vehicle (don't worry, he's fine, he's tough, and I AM a good mother), but our gentleman friend is quickly there to help us... we're not sure if he followed us out the door or not, but there he was. He asked us if we would change our minds about his offer, only to notice that, gasp, we're both married! Yay for wedding rings! Finally, he stops hitting on Abbie (he stopped with me long ago, since finding out I was the mother of the child we possessed... that and Abs initially caught his double-winking eye), and we continue our excursion in peace. Except I spill my drink on me twice! Oh well. Let's hear it for beautiful and covetous California and all those who inhabit it, even if their minds do not!

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