creepy pickup lines

Ok, so one day my cousin and his roommates were watching this weird dating show on TV called "Parental Control." On it, some kid used a really weird line, that went something like this: "You are the beautiful unicorn jumping through the crystal waterfalls of my soul." He was inspired, and when a friend came over they got right to work. So here are some that they came up with. Watch how they get increasingly more sappy as time went on (these are in chronological order).

1. "Your voice is the melodious music that lulls me into my dreams."
2. "Your feet are tip-toeing along the pathways of my heart."
3. "Your soul is like a dove, calling to me from the sunrise of our eternity."
4. "Your eyes are like a lighthouse, glistening in the moonlight to lead me safely home."
5. "Your nostrils are gulfs in the depths of our love."
6. "Your hands are the warm breeze of life bringing me out of the sorrows of reality."
7. "Your lips are the trumpet of love, calling me to the warmth of your embrace."
8. "Your eyebrows are whisks of sensuality drawn on by the paintbrush of Aphrodite."
9. "Your neck is a pillar of sunshine emblazening the emptiness of my life."
10. "Your love is my constant foundation in a world controlled by chaos."
11. "Your laughter is like a chorus of angels which bring me from misery to amazement, from pessimism to gratitude."
12. "Your anguish tears apart my soul, penetratingmy deepest emotions."
13. "Your hair, glistening in the moonbeams of our existence, radiates your loving countenance."
14. "Your companionship makes me, although poor, feel higher than the richest king."
15. "The warmth of your spirit warmed my icy soul."
16. "Your loving embrace makes my soul take flight."
17. "The pleasures of heaven do not compare with the joys of your presence."

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