o tannenbaum + o wooden blocks = most lovely

Here you go, here's our tree for a night and a day. I ended up taking off all my ornaments from my garland and mini tree at home so that I could graciously donate them to the one we had to show that night. You might be able to pick out my blocks I made, if you have a trained eye! To aid you in your quest, I've included zoomed-in images of three of the blocks. I'll post solitary pics of them later.

Notice how the bottom is a little more bare than the top. I was nervous of having all the little kids around poking and prodding at my prized possessions. We had to leave early from the party, so Brad could study and Will could sleep, so we left everything there. But we gathered them all up and packed them for a safe trip home (about 30 minutes). They are now back on display in my house and everything looks better than before! Just you wait!

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