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I've said this many times to many a dear friends; a list of comrades that seem to be growing exponentially. They are friends who are purchasing/placing offers on home or have one in their current possesion. I'm starting to feel a little left out. I know, I know, we're still in school and all that jazz. Yippee for me. Anyway, today, as part of Brad's break after yet another final (in an effort to keep him from going comatose), we meandered through a pleasant neighborhood here in the canyon. Unfortunately, we have fallen in love with California, especially this area. But what's even more unfortunate is that we can never afford to live here! Modest sized homes here are going for 800K to 1 mil! Like I've said before, a bunch of crazies here...

Needless to say, since our foolish side trip, I've found myself slowly spiraling down the roller coaster of pity, induced by debt and jealousy. So I did what any girl in my circumstance would do. Peruse through real estate websites to compare prices and decide where exactly we will have to end up. I'm sad to say that it is not California. On the other hand, Spokane, WA is looking mighty good!

So here's a pic of a current dream home of mine at said location, if I were in the market. As in, this would be a house that I would love to go and check out, because it is darling (aka Victorian) and small/cozy, making it a good transition home between starting work and climbing out of our debt hole- while digging another hole for our children to live in.

3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1500 sq. feet. And the best part: only a $767.96 monthly payment vs. a $5k monthly payment (and there's nothing better than knowing that you're putting that money toward something, instead of our current situation of paying rent at twice the amount. I'm sorry, did I say "paying?" I meant, throwing away money...)! Woot woot! Don't ask me why having a house is so important to me; it always has been. But make no mistake! No matter where we live, we will always have a home!

PS- Sorry for such a seemingly negative rantable post. In my defense, this is my journal and we are in a high stress situation here people!!! I'll be fine in the morning, most likely. Besides, I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow, so yay! And I really do mean congratulations to y'all who are buying/placing offers and I am really excited for you! xoxo


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    You could totally afford CA, you just have to work in CA! (at least that should work in theory!) Good job on commenting within 15 minutes of me posting! And I'm pretty sure that right now you're the only one that even knows I have an account here, so you're gonna be the winner for a while! ;) ps- I'm working fast to get those pictures of Will up for you!

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Oh definitely! I'll hop on the next plane over! I pay for the movie, you pay for my flight! I'll even bring you popcorn! haha! oh, and one more thing... you have to take all my finals for me! Thanks, you're such a doll! ;)

  3. i am sure you'll find a perfect one soon.. as for me i first need to find a man and else. although as it seems i will go other way around house man baby (as long as its not baby then man i'll be happy :) )

    so just wanted to let you know i love your blog. read it all the time.. and you inspired me to give my blog another try...

  4. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Hey, just looking at the financial aspects of it (and hopefully not bursting your bubble, cuz it's really fun to dream), in terms of a residence, you'll always be throwing your money away. For basically the first half of the loan, you're paying mostly interest. Be prepared to make extra principle payments if you want to actually build equity (and in that case, watch out for loans that charge fees for paying extra principle). Out of our almost $700 monthly pmt, only $100 is going towards principle. (and we only just broke 100 this month, I was a bit excited!) You're either renting from a landlord or the bank. Go check out a homeloan book or something similar at the library and you'll stop dreaming about homeownership. Besides, 30 yrs, down the road when you finally own the house, you're still paying property taxes. If you can't pay your taxes, you lose your home that took 30 years to buy...so in essence, you'll always be paying a sort of rent to someone. You can't win...someone will always be taking your money with, what seems like, nothing in it for you. Except a roof over your head.

    But psycholically, I completely understand your dreams, but hey, just because you buy a home, doesn't mean you stop dreaming.

    But your dream home is very cute!

    oh by the way, if you're really going to find a book, find one that has little to no bias. it's purpose should be to educate you, not sell you on strategies. I personally liked the homebuying for dummies and home loans for dummies. yes, I've read both cover to cover and bought a home, and I still don't remember the majority of it, it's a lot to absorb.

  5. Thanks Mrs. Preggo! That actually puts things into a more logical and practical picture. I'll definitely look into those books when the time comes.

  6. Dream all you want! They do come true! And the joys of homeownership do come with a down-side, but that's irrelevant because you still need a home for your family, whether it is a mansion or a tent! In the meantime, you will always have a home here (or wherever I am.)!

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    the pictures are up!!!


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