happy belated thanksgiving!

I finally got the pictures from our turkey day. Thanks mom! Here's a picture of my family on that fateful day... we're missing a member and I'm sad to say that I don't have a photo of him to share with y'all. But his name is Adam and he is serving in the Kentucky, Louisville mission. He'll be home this summer and I get to talk to him Christmas (hopefully, if all works out)! He's my best friend and I wasn't the only one missing him that day. But regardless, we are all proud of him and we had a great time without him (without sounding harsh).

And here's an early Christmas present to all of you: our family picture! I haven't decided whether or not I'll be sending holiday cards, and if I do, I don't know if they will be accompanied with a picture... so here it is, just in case I fail on both accounts. In fact, this will just count as both for now and you'll just have to let me know if you would like a hard-copy! But I'm not making decorative frames for anyone... (without sounding harsh).

And here are some pics of Nana's babysitting experience. Nevermind the precariously perched baby on a mobile machine! Just kidding mama, I love you and Will does too! What a monkey, he knew exactly what to do! And poor Nana, all alone with a toddler while we were enjoying a long movie at the theater. Thanks again ma!


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Oh my gosh those pictures are so great! Question: How do you do it!? Holy cow woman! How do you find time to even breathe!? But I do admire all of your hard work and projects. I'm trying to start some myself thanks to you...in a good way.

  2. Wow... those pictures ended up good.

  3. Thanks drummer man! You are a man now, you realize... you're the one that took the big family pic! Didn't you get a picture of Will on your phone, too? Why don't you post that one, and not my ugly face one?

  4. Haha, well, I'll look into it! ;)


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