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Well, I'm sure I have lots to write about, yet it's not coming to mind... oh well, I'll probably write a novel regardless. We've been busy here, with finals and projects. Brad had his first final yesterday (Tuesday) and has another tomorrow, and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And then it's time to study for the Patent Exam, yay... I've been engrossed in making Christmas ornaments. They are soooo cute and I am exceptionally eager to post pics of them, when they are finished. And then you too can bask in their glory! Between that and madly updating my recipe blog, I've been somewhat absent from this online journal/rant page of mine... oh, and Brad's been studying at home, so I can't just hop on the computer and waste gobs of time like usual. It's probably a good thing.

Ooo, I do have something to share that I am also extremely excited about. I just bought this Old MacDonald hand/finger puppet board book. What a mouthful! I already have one, which at first might be confusing as to why I purchased another one. I'll tell you why! I'm going to brutally cut off the fingers, thereby removing the puppets and then I will stuff them with batting, pop a magnet in there, stitch them shut and voila, instant animal fridge magnets! And I'll still have the other one so we can continue taking it to church. I'm excited because even after S&H it was about $6.50! Gotta love Amazon! I had been surfing around on ebay and couldn't find any finger puppets or said book for any cheaper; most were twice as much as what I ended up paying! Who out there can appreciate a good bargain?! I know I'm not the only one!

So, in the future (hopefully near) I will be posting pics of my projects this month: ornaments (take that Anthropologie!), ABC blocks, Nativity soft book (maybe...) and animal magnets. I'm a busy bee- I'll also be making a cover for our trash/recycling area, if I feel like it. Alas, it has to be done at some point or I'll continue to lose my Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (due to Will's new obsession with "putting things away," which in and of itself is a wonderful fixation. But it's all about the application dears).


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I'm about a bargain!! Give me a woohoo for a bargain!

  2. I really am stumped why you didn't show this creative, bargain hunting side of yourself while living at home?????? It's amazing the things you think of!!

  3. L- woohoo!
    Mom- I've always been creative! Remember those mini troll earings I made when I was little? I was always taking stuff apart and saving it for later... it's just that now I'm forced to be a little more resourceful. That, and it occupies my brain and time!


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