what fun!

Oh fun-ness of fun! We defrosted one of our refridgerators yesterday! In all actuality, I get all warm and fuzzy when I can actually clean something and see that it's clean. And I believe it was the first time I have defrosted a fridge! Sad, but true. We hadn't gone grocery shopping yet so we took this one out front and let it sit for a bit. And then I went a-hacking at it and the ice fell off in chunks. We then finished up with a hairdryer and some sanitizing wipes... and voila! A clean fridge! We're going to wait to do our other one right before Christmas. Ooh, and we switched the two coolers, too! We now have the white one out in plain site and the black one hidden. It makes nice for a clean slate look in our kitchen area, since the walls and microwave match in hue. Now if only they (machine and kitchen) could match in function: one being well designed vs. poorly designed... But hey, at least we do have a place to cook; that's something to be thankful for. That and my imagination.

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  1. I certainly hope my grandson does not consider refrigerators a playground! But I DO know you are a good mother, so I won't worry! Congrats on the clean kitchen!


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