bunch of busy b's

Just in case the last post wasn't clear enough (due to its lack of words...), you could say we've been busy. Too busy to party even! But we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and an eventful one at that! We decided to swing by Disneyland for a few hours before continuing down to spend the holiday at my grandparents'. Just a couple of miles from the beloved theme park we had a flat. On I-5. We ended up having to get a new tire, and then we made our way to Disney. Had a great time. And we got safely to our final destination and had a lovely time with cousins/aunt/uncle, etc.

We got home on Friday and the very next day there was another Malibu fire. Only this time we had no internet, no cable, and consequently, no phone. We were totally out of the loop. But, thankfully we were never evacuated, although we were prepared just in case. And this time I got some good photos in regards to both fires. Will even got to "ride" in a real-live fire truck this last time!

Sunday was the basic Sabbath, until we realized an awful smell coming from our bathroom. Ta dah! pipe problems! Luckily it was fixed the next day. All is well.

Except that my baby boy is sick. I always feel somewhat helpless whenever he gets struck with something. But he is, of course, a super trooper and mostly sweet. The rest of us are busy with school (finals are here?!), work, and LOTS of side projects (like this, and this, cards, etc.). So I've decided to extend the birthday bash into December! I can't believe November is already gone. Sheesh.

Also extended: your chance to partake in the aforementioned SPA SALE, from now through the first week of December! Since we're all busy and the holidays are here and fast upon us, I figured I'd spread the cheer. So, for the rest of November (er, today) through December 8th, any Sensaria Natural Bodycare product you so desire is 24% off!!! Why 24? Because that's how old I am now! Oh, and here are some pamper-fest-ive goodies that are also on sale through ALL of December... Just peruse through my website, make up a wish-list, and when you're good and ready, email me that list and I'll get you that discount! Easy peasy ;)

I'm not finished with my blogging fun-time, so don't remove those part hats yet! Oh, and we are indeed a bunch of B's! All three of us in this little Summers camp share the initials of B.S. Coolness, eh? *B


  1. I hope your baby get better! Oh and your initials are totally funny. :D

  2. I so wish I had the wonderful outlook you have on life and trials! You're so awesome!!!! I know you know that. :)
    I love the BS initials. Good thing there's a lot of BS in our family. HAHA. Grandpa, Uncle BJ, your hubby, you, your adorable little BS, my brother, his son... etc. BS is good to have around. hahahahaa..... it runs in the family.

  3. We have been quite busy ourselves getting ready for the holiday season. I'm very excited for you guys to come down and visit in a few weeks. Will looks so big now. I can't believe how old he looks. Tell the rest of the family hello.


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